Wow, oh, wow! Has it been a hectic couple of days for us!!

First, we've been in touch with the Walk Now for Autism folks. Very
kind people! We're set to be vendors for the resource fair then. End of

We've also been in touch with a local university, a local
hospital, and several members of the OpenSource communities. We've been
thrilled to be featured in two blogs from LinuxInsider, and we've been
mentioned in the blog of Mr. Jono Bacon, of Canonical.

And just tonight, we were contacted by the organizers of the Southern California Linux Expo.
We have been invited to come out and show off Qimo!! We are thrilled
that we will be joining them in late February. This is tremendous
exposure for Qimo, a major forum to show off not only what we do, but

We've also been preparing for our Hillsborough county roll-out. That should take place very soon.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Jono Bacon, of Canonical, for
taking the time out of his busy schedule to help us along, as well as a
great thank you to Katherine Noyes from Linux Insider, for featuring us
in her blog. And a great deal of thanks go out to the developers of the
games we feature, without them, Qimo would not be. And a thank you to
the Florida LoCo
community, an online community of Ubuntu users, for all of their help,
support and patience. And a special thank you to MIANOSM, of Fla. LoCo,
for generously donating space for us to host the CD image of the

Thank you ALL for your patience and support. Without our local
community, this would not be possible, and without support from friends
scattered far and wide, we would not be blessed like we are.

Please, go check out the website, download the CD image, and let us
know what you think. We're open to suggestions, testing, critique, etc.

Take care, everyone!

3 Responses to Updates!

  1. You may want to be aware … from the looks of things, Walk Now for Autism is run by Autism Speaks, which has an extremely dodgy record.

    Almost none of their funding goes to help actual autistic people and families thereof. Most of it goes to research into possible genetic causes of autism, with the goal being to screen out autistic fetuses and allow them to be aborted (like most with Down Syndrome are today).

    Also their executives are extremely well-compensated, and despite their name there are no actual autistic people on their board of directors or serving in any official capacity for them.

    Might want to look some of this up for next time.

    Good luck with the Linux distro. >.>b

  2. Jared,

    I am very aware of the history that surrounds Autism Speaks. As the parents of a high functioning autistic child, I’m very active in researching where donations go, and how they are distributed.

    The point, though, of being a vendor at the walk, is not to support Autism Speaks, but rather, to support the families who show up for the event. We want to help those children, and by being at the event, and letting them know we exist, we *are* helping those families, directly, with no exchange of money.

    10,000 people gathered together for the annual walk this year. Every single one of those people was there because Autism has touched their lives, in some form or fashion. I can’t justify ignoring those people, on the rumors and suggestions of what may or may not go on in the parent organization.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Lorenzo Asun says:

    Thanks for all of Us.

    That’s a beautifull way to stimulate the brain machine of many children near to me.

    I’m recycling old PC’s that not support the new operative systems, but are fully to receive a light weight Linux based OS like Qimo. Don’t add more features and try to preserve the light OS weight to sustain this way to recycle old hardware and difusse the attributes of your proyect in my country, Chile.

    Greetings for all.