Want Qimo gear?

Would you like to help us raise money for development, and look cool and stylish, rocking Qimo on your shirt?  Want a mousepad with Qimo’s cheery face? Do you have little ones in the house who would dig a “Qimo for Me!” shirt?  They’re available!! Start Shopping! All profits go toward development and maintainence costs […]

Qimo in the News

We just got back from our Scale trip and already Qimo is starting to get notice! Katherine Noyes once again mentions us in one of her now twice-weekly blog safaris over at Linux Insider.  Meanwhile, Matt Asay over at CNet talks about getting kids started on Linux early by giving them a Qimo desktop. If […]

New Website Launched

After too much time, I've finally got the Qimo website up and running.  Hopefully it is worth the wait.  Don't be too dissapointed, there will be more features coming over the next few weeks (and take a breather from preparing for Scale 7x).  Comments are welcome!