23 Responses to Qimo 1.0 Released!

  1. jazzi says:


    So fantastic work!
    I’m downloading Qimo 1.0

    I want to do some help about translation. How can I get invloved? If there is an answer, pls get back me an email.


  2. teu says:

    Do you provide packages to convert an ordinary ubuntu installation to qimo?

    I wouldn’t want to reistall our kids computer.

  3. bob-work says:

    Nice work!

    Is it supporting the Arab language?

    Do you provide a specified packages to transform an Ubuntu into Qimo as (teu) said?

    Is it include a nonfree soft to support multimedia & flash & java?

    Is it Multilingual? can i install it in Arabic Interface?

  4. Oakenfold says:

    .. This distribution can be run in Spanish?..

    .. Esta distribucion corre en Español?..

    .. this distribution contain "Spanish version" in the Live CD?

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  5. Oakenfold says:

    #Michael Hall
    The LiveCD contains a Spanish language pack, press F2 when it starts up to get a list of languages to choose from.

    end #

    .. πŸ™‚ This distribution is derivated by Ubuntu, and Ubuntu supported various language (I’m Idiot)

    .. downloading!

  6. Hi,

    Got information about this distro from a blog which seems to be more on Technology and FOSS activities around Russia!!

    I was looking for such distro so that we (http://plug.org.in) can distribute it to various schools here in Pune, India.

    FREEDUC is also very nice but it is for a different age group.

    Downloading Qimo4kids now. Will evaluate and write back to you.

    Just one last question: Why a Linux distro website is running on proprietary software?

    Thanks and regards

  7. Michael Hall says:

    Our website runs on the open source BlogEngine.net software, which is a .Net application.

    The design and hosting for our website was donated to us by a very generous company that happens to be a Windows shop.

    We welcome involvement and contributions from whomever is willing, even if it involves the use of proprietary software.

  8. Jon says:

    Wonderful !

    I’m downloading Qimo 1.0

    i will to do some help about translation the Qimo to Chinese language.


  9. Hongbin says:

    Well done. However, is it possible to change to QIMO without re-installing my kid’s ubantu system?

  10. Blue Snow says:

    It’s a very good ubuntu-based linux for kids. My young sister like it very much and she was interested in it and the games in it.

  11. niceguy says:

    Just found out about this and tried it out as a Live CD. Good work and keep it up. As my daughter gets older, I will keep this OS in mind.

  12. simbaduggy says:

    muy buen trabajo,
    asi podre dejarle un ordena con el live cd a los niños que quieran jugar con mi pcXD, e implementar ordenadores en los centros preescolares ayudara a los niños mucho con las nuevas tecnologias

  13. Nelson Snow says:

    I met both of you at the Linux show in Jax. I was so impressed with Qimo that I’ve been telling everyone I know (who has children) about Qimo. So far the response from everyone who tried it has been the software is great. One person said her sons stopped playing regular video games to use Qimo. She also said her older son’s typing skills have improved as well as his math and reading. I’m finding out adults like to try the games too.

  14. Michael Hall says:

    Ubuntu was chosen because it was what I was familiar with, and what I found the most resources for in my effort to create a customized LiveCD. No doubt we benefit from all the wonderful work done by the Debian developers that make Ubuntu and now Qimo so powerful and useful.

    In fact, we appreciate Debian so much, we even bought pizza for the entire Debian table at this year’s SCALE. Now that’s gratitude.

  15. Michael Hall says:

    Hameed, were are working on a new version that will be a rebase on Xubuntu 9.04. After that, all of our efforts will be going into getting new artwork, games and configurations for Qimo 2.0, which will be built on Xubuntu 9.10.