A very special Thank You.

I wanted to take a moment, to thank all of you who came out for the
Florida Baptist Children's Home build-day. We had a very, very
successful day, and without all of you, our day would have been a
colossal failure.

First, thanks to Dr. Pharr, for her
wonderful babysitting services. She was, genuinely, the keystone for
the day. Without her, I would not have been able to be at the
build-day, let alone trying to coordinate.

The build-day is one
that I will carry with me for the rest of my years. We may have others,
but there will be nothing that will stay with me quite the way this one
will. It took my breath away, to look up and see what must have
amounted to 75 people, working away together, in rhythm and sync. Half
of the attendees were residents of the children's home, and I must say,
I was incredibly proud of the way the adult participants took the kids
under wing, and really mentored them through all of the stages of
computer repair and installation. I was so proud to see everyone
working together, doing their parts and pitching in. And, at the end of
the day, our numbers proved how strong we functioned as a team. We
processed a total of 47 computers.

There were moments, in
all of this, that took my breath away. I watched a 17 year old boy
teach an 11 year old girl how to take RAM out of a junk computer. I
listened in as a young college man taught a group of teen girls about
electrical circuits, and how computers read data as 1s and 0s. I
received several squeeze hugs, and thank yous, from kids who were
incredibly excited to know they would have a computer they could play

All in all, the day was an incredible success, and
nothing I write here could adequately describe how thrilled I was, or
how proud I am, to call all of the participants friends. Thank you,
each and every one of you, for touching my heart, and helping us
accomplish this goal. Maybe, hopefully, we managed to change a child's
life for the better. That's all I can ask for.

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